On Saturday, September 5th, 2009 Amerstate University celebrated the beginning of its 3rd academic year with a luncheon and an Opening Ceremony attended by students, faculty, and supports of the university as well as members of the Racine community including Mayor John Dickert

Certificates were presented the University Commissioners from around the country,
newly appointed professors, and newly enrolled students.

There were also morning and afternoon Martial Arts demonstrations that were open to the public

Amerstate University is international students Housing, 5th grade to graduate school from all over the world gain their education here in America and in a phenomenal location—right in the middle between Milwaukee and Chicago, 3 blocks from Lake Michigan? Amerstate University Racine, WI that is right next door to Chicago of 3rd Largest of United State of America.

It offers:
• Full service housing for schools, colleges and universities, and 100 international students in Kenosha, Racine and south of Milwaukee. Academy of Racine has the capability and plans for expansion and additional housing. 2 other institutions provide international student housing but it’s for their students only. Full service housing means room and board, transportation, guardianship for minor students away from home.