Mission Statement

Amerstate University is dedicated to educating people to succeed in their professional and educational endeavors. AU provides an advanced curriculum, a superior faculty and staff, and a disciplined structure in a secure environment. Students learn to live together harmoniously in a supportive community that aids in developing moral character, citizenship and a passion for excellence.

Educational Philosophy

The faculty and administration of Amerstate University holds to a curriculum that is traditional in structure and innovative in scope. It is anchored in research-based curriculum that encompasses rigorous standards while emphasizing values of respect and responsibility. We embrace educational innovation and the latest technology and instructional methods that encourage critical thinking, and life-long learning.

  • Attract and accept qualified students who have the capacity to succeed with the AU curriculum and the desire to attend an institution of excellence.
  • Attract, develop, support and retain a superior faculty and staff by creating an environment of professional development, competitive compensation and individual recognition.
  • Determine, recognize and promote each student’s specific area of interest, talent and leadership potential.
  • Create a nurturing community environment, which enables students to develop communication life skills, interpersonal relationships, civility and accountability.
  • Create a nationally known and recognized ESL curriculum for developing academic excellence while meeting student developmental needs.
  • Promote Amerstate University, its vision, mission and values in clear, concise and consistent messages.
  • Help students understand cultural differences, identify specific aspects of life, including friendships and social relationships.
  • Help students demonstrate the ability to define a problem/opportunity, see it from multiple perspectives, and reach a solution/conclusion.