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Volume 3, No. 4 - May, 2014

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Published May, 2014 Amerstate University reserves the right to change all part of this Student Handbook And the policies and classes contained herein, without prior notice. Amerstate University does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, religion, National origin, handicap, age, sex, or marital status in admission to and participation in its educational programs, or in its employment practices.

This Student Handbook is available electronically to all interested parties on our Website Copyright Amerstate University 2014.

Table of Contents

COURSE DESCRIPTIONS with Learning Outcomes 13


Mission Statement
Amerstate's Mission Is to inspire our students to excel in their education and careers. Through the establishment of career enhancing programs we seek to prepare our learners with the skills and mind set to succeed within and beyond the scope of our walls. We strive to give not only our students but our educators and staff the freedom to dream and achieve. The Amerstate message of History, Integrity, Excellence, Diversity, Harmony and Respect is one that can and should reach generations at home and in the workplace, our mission is to see that happens.

Educational Philosophy and Goals
Amerstate University is a nonprofit private school designed to provide English Language instruction to adult non-native speakers seeking to become proficient in the skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing in English. Our mission is to deliver quality education and outstanding service so as to help students achieve their English language learning goals for academic, professional, and/or personal success. We offer students quality preparation in pursuing their future goals and provide them with a caring and professional learning experience. To achieve our mission an intellectually stimulating curriculum has been developed with an emphasis on equipping students with language skills as well as giving them an opportunity to gain insight into American life and culture. Our courses are taught at beginner to advanced levels on a year round basis by highly qualified instructors. By using a variety of effective teaching methods, carefully selected course materials target a variety of learning styles for our diverse student community. We promote intercultural awareness among our students and strongly encourage collaborative learning. Amerstate University is deeply committed to building confidence and motivating and empowering our students by helping them gain proficiency in the English language.

Students transferring into Amerstate University see the admission requirements section of this Student Handbook. Students transferring out of Amerstate University require an interview. A transfer request form must be completed. A transfer out fee applies Amerstate University does not offer college credits for its courses. Students should check with the school to which they plan to transfer to ensure TOEFL waiver eligibility.

All new students are also required to take a placement test prior to registration. The test, administered by the school, determines the proficiency level of the student in order to ensure proper course placement. Students are informed in writing of their results. If a student feels they have been placed incorrectly into a course, they must complete a form of appeal, obtainable at the office; meet with an academic advisor for additional assessment within the first two weeks of class. A letter of recommendation is often required from the instructor.

Completion of an enrollment agreement, stating selected course/program, with coordinating payment schedule (if applicable) is considered registration Amerstate University permits late registration. Late registration is considered enrollment past the commencement date of class, but no later than two weeks past the commencement date. You can register late if: -the classes started less than two weeks ago you were unable to register on time because of unique circumstances. Upon completion of registration, the Enrollment Agreement serves as Confirmation of Registration and a copy is available to students. First time registration can only be completed after completion of a placement test, administered by the school.

Program start dates are scheduled periodically throughout the calendar year; generally, there are two sessions per year in the fall and spring an academic year is considered to be two consecutive terms. All admissions procedures should be completed at least two (2) weeks prior to the start of each program if possible. A copy of program start dates may be obtained by contacting the Admissions Office or on our website: or in the Catalog Addendum.

All enrolled students are expected to attend each class. Absence from 30% of the overall required class hours will result in dismissal from the course. Attendance will be recorded hourly. Absence of 15 consecutive days will result in automatic dismissal from school and consequent termination of the student's status. Reduced course loads must be pre-approved and documented.

Amerstate University grants a Certificate of Completion to those students who have satisfactorily completed course and/or program of instruction and have met all financial obligations to the School. The course work is not likely or guaranteed to transfer. A failing grade does not qualify of certification. Students are evaluated according to quality points that the School uses for all courses in all of its programs:
*students can choose to repeat a course for which they received a grade C only once in a program or academic year, if the program is shorter. Based on course availability.
*You can only receive a failing grade twice in a program or academic year, whichever is shorter, in order to continue enrollment with the school. Failure to make progress may result in expulsion from school.
A grade C or higher, that represents the satisfactory achievement of each skill set of the student learning outcomes, is required in order to receive a certificate, pass the class, and/or to move on to the next level/course. Course End Progress Report cards give you a detailed explanation of your achievement in a particular course at the end of the session.
A list of student learning outcomes is available on the course syllabus at the beginning of each course. Certificate of Completion is not transferable to institutions of higher education for credit. Course work is not likely or guaranteed to transfer.

In order to qualify for admission with Amerstate University, applicants must present proof of High School graduation or GED or other equivalent, be at least 17 years of age and participate in an interview with an Admissions Administrator. Prospective students are required to complete an application, which can be obtained at our offices or on our website: English language proficiency requirements for all programs except General English Low Beginner can be found in the prerequisite section of each course description of this Student Handbook. General English low beginner courses do not have a prerequisite. Upon completion of the application process and verification of the applicant's qualifications an acceptance letter will be issued to the applicant. Age requirement exceptions can be made for short term students under the age of 17 currently enrolled in a secondary school (high school), by presenting documentation from the primary educational institution confirming the education they receive at AU will not interfere with their primary education. Further information is available by contacting the admissions office. Amerstate University does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, religion, national origin, handicap, age, sex, or marital status in admission to and participation in its educational programs.
Accepted students can review the Student Handbook for specific information, including information on how to maintain your student status.

Academic and Personal advising Appointments with advisors can be made via email or by contacting the office. The majority of advising is provided by the Director of Admission or Director of Education or Admissions Administrators. Under certain circumstances, students may be directed to outside counselors for assistance. Referrals are available at the front desk for students seeking personal or counseling from a licensed professional.

MEDICAL INSURANCE -Amerstate University does not require students to have medical insurance, but strongly recommend it. Students can purchase a Medical Insurance Plan information is available at the office. Rates vary by age and coverage type. Accommodation assistance- Although Amerstate University does provide housing and we do provide housing resources including discount hotel residency.

STUDENT IDs - photo IDs are available at the main office. IDs can be used for discounts at select businesses where student discounts are offered. There is a $10 charge for replacement IDs.

COMPUTER LAB - are available and can be used by students for personal and academic use at times when classes are not in session.

WIFI -students have WIFI access when on campus. Access codes are available at the office.

EXTRACULAR ACTIVITIES -Periodically activities are arranged for students outside of the classroom by the administration. Students can send in requests for activities online or by email. The calendar is generally busier in the summer months, when outdoor activities are more abundant.

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE - Amerstate University offers students payment plan options with no interest. Students registering directly with the school can inquire about the payment options at the office.

TUTORIAL SERVICES - are available for an additional fee with a certified instructor. A full list of student services is available on our website and in the Student Handbook. College Placement Assistance-Students are encouraged to matriculate into degree granting institutions upon completion of the ESL programs offered at Amerstate University. Advisors will guide students through the US college system and diploma evaluations.

Students can find information about school policy, academic matters, program information, and other procedures in the following sources:
-Student Handbook
-The Amerstate University Website:

TRANSCRIPTS A student wishing to obtain a transcript must complete a transcript request form at our main office or send a written request to:
Amerstate University
401 Wisconsin Avenue
Racine, Wisconsin 53403
Attn: Admission Dept.
A $15 fee applies

ACADEMIC SUPPORT Tutoring services are available, to students who are experiencing difficulty in specific course work. There is no cost to the student for this service. Additional help on a one to-one basis is provided to enable students to better understand the topics presented in class. Study skills assistance is available in many areas. Students should contact individual instructors or the central administrative office to request assistance. Instructors may request academic tutoring services to students through the central administrative office, Instructor requests should be considered mandatory by the student.

EMPLOYMENT ADVISORY SERVICES The central administrative office also assists students in job preparation and employment search activities. Although the university provides this assistance, the student must assume responsibility for securing employment. The University does not guarantee employment to its graduates.
The school is in contact with many companies and actively works to locate suitable employment opportunities. Job leads are also obtained from various sources including the university's Advisory Committee, whose members hold responsible positions in the industry. There is no cost for job search assistance, nor is any fee charged to graduates or employers for use of this service.

BULLETIN BOARDS AND POSTERS Our Information posters and bulletin boards will keep students informed of various happenings on campus and in the community. It is necessary to obtain permission from the administration office before posting "none" Amerstate related materials on campus. In order to keep bulletin boards and information posters current, any outdated information will be removed.

In case of bad weather, do not assume that classes are canceled. More likely, classes will be held as scheduled. Students should listen to FOX 6 for updated information, or contact their professor or the University Administrative Office directly.

Fire drills are held periodically throughout the academic year. Everyone must leave the building during a drill. Leave through the nearest exit when evacuating the building. Move at least 50 feet from the building and do not use the elevator..

Students who have lost or found something should contact the central administrative office, which is located at the front entrance of the school.

Parking is available for commuter students. Contact the university to arrange a parking spot assignment. Vehicles should be locked and students should avoid keeping valuables in an unattended car. The university is not responsible for damaged or stolen items. Racine's Belle transit system has a large selection of bus routes one of which stops 1/2 blocks from our campus and will take students to local groceries, mall, and attractions. Bus schedules/routes are available from

Student activities provide educational, social, cultural, and recreational opportunities for students, staff, and members of the community. Moreover, involvement in student activities is recognized by many employers as an asset, and they encourage students to develop skills obtainable through participation in Amerstate and/or local clubs and organizations. Students are encouraged to approach the Provosts office with possibilities for new Amerstate activities.
The university gives students the opportunity to become involved in university life, to help bring about positive change, and meet new people and make new friends. The quality of a student's university experience can be related to the level of involvement in various activities. When special activities involving students are planned, there will be announcements in the classes and posted on the bulletin board. For additional student involvement opportunities, stop by the administration office.

Amerstate University is dedicated to helping students identify and achieve realistic goals through excellent educational opportunities. The administration and staff of the university promote responsible participation and high achievement goals for our students. Students should be aware of, and accept responsibility as an active, contributing member of the university. This part of the Student Handbook explains students' rights and responsibilities.

Students are responsible for their own learning and development. They have a responsibility to be an active learner by attending class, completing class work and assignments, and being prepared in advance of the scheduled class session.

Students are responsible for appropriate use of services, facilities, equipment, and technology provided by the university. Students are required to sign the Appropriate Use of Information Technology Resources policy.

Amerstate University recognizes that in order to operate a meaningful educational program and a safe environment for students and staff, the following Code of Conduct will be followed: Amerstate University believes every student has the right to pursue an education free from disruption, harassment, illegal activities, threats, or danger. Amerstate University further believes that academic honesty and integrity are fundamental to the educational mission of this university. Every student is expected to comply with the standards set below and to be familiar with all of the rules and regulations for Amerstate University.


  • Students are expected to comply with all federal, state, county, and municipal statues and ordinances while on-campus.
  • At all times, students are expected to conduct themselves in such a manner as not to interfere with the educational process at Amerstate University.
  • Students will conduct themselves in such a manner as not to endanger the safety or welfare of their fellow students.
  • Students must comply with school rules and may be subject to discipline, including suspension or expulsion for the following offenses:
  • Obstruction or disruption of normal operations of University activities authorized by the university.
  • Physical or verbal abuse, harassment, or detention of any person(s) on school property or at school activities when such abuse endangers the health, safety, or rights of such persons.
  • All forms of academic dishonesty including cheating, plagiarism, knowingly furnishing false information to the university, and alteration or use of university documents or instruments of identification with intent to defraud. Plagiarism is the deliberate presentation of the writing or ideas of another as one's own.
  • Use or possession, sale or distribution of narcotic or illegal drugs, firearms, explosives, dangerous chemicals, alcoholic beverages, etc. on AU's property or at Amerstate University sponsored activities.
  • Failure to comply with direction of university officials acting in performance of their duties.
  • Any conduct that constitutes a violation of a Federal or State law or regulation or local ordinance.

Disciplinary action may be taken for conduct which disrupts the study of other students, interferes with the instructor's training activity, endangers other students or instructorsor violates any of above named policies. The following procedures have been developed to deal with a student who has failed to comply with these policies.

1. The office of the CEO/Provost is responsible for carrying out the investigation of all alleged violations of university regulations or policies. Normally this investigation will consist of interviews with the reporting party, witnesses, and the person alleged to have violated a regulation or standard of conduct. When the person alleged to have violated a regulation or standard of conduct is interviewed, he/she will be informed of the nature of the allegation, the regulations or policy allegedly violated, and the procedures to be followed.
2. The office of the CEO/Provost is empowered to take disciplinary action. Disciplinary actions can include written reprimand, written disciplinary probation, or dismissal from the program. The student will receive a written communication specifying the action to be taken, and the appeal process.
3. If a student decides to exercise his or her right to appeal a decision, he or she must do so in writing. The appeal must be initiated within 72 hours (in real local time) from the time the student was informed in writing or his or her right to do so is waived. An appeal must be in the form of a letter to the CEO/Provost. This letter may include any relevant documents and testimonials that the student wishes to enter into the record.
4. The CEO/Provost has final authority for an appeal, and will inform the student in writing of the decision within three (3) days, after receiving that appeal.


Any student who engages in an activity on university premises or a sponsored event, which constitutes a violation of State of Wisconsin Uniform Controlled Substance Act, shall be subject to nonacademic misconduct disciplinary sanctions. In determining the appropriate sanction, the President or its designee, shall consider those penalties, including suspension and expulsion, which will contribute most effectively to maintaining a school environment free of controlled substances.

In keeping with local, state, and federal laws, Amerstate University prohibits the possession, use, or distribution of drugs and alcohol by students while on school property or when involved in any school sponsored activity. If a student has a drug or alcohol problem, we highly recommend that they seek assistance from an AODA (Alcohol or Other Drug Abuse) Specialist. We can provide listing of professionals in the area.

All Amerstate University buildings have been designated smoke-free. Smoking is permitted outside all University facilities in designated areas only. Students and employees who violate the provisions of this policy shall be subject to disciplinary action which may result in suspension or discharge.

The safety and well being of students at Amerstate University is of paramount importance to the university. The university wants your educational experience to be free of hazards and risk. Accordingly, students shall be responsible for following safety practices and procedures presented in the course syllabus.
Incidents or accidents occurring in common areas of the university (parking lot, hallways) must be reported to an authorized University official such as an instructor or the Central Administration Office The person in charge must complete an Incident/Accident Report (available in the central administration office). Completed reports are to be forwarded to the CEO/Provost within one (1) day of the incident/accident. Minor injuries should be brought to the attention of the person in charge of the class for assistance. First aid kits are located throughout the university.

Amerstate University complies with Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the American with Disabilities Act of 1990, as well as other applicable federal, state and local laws. The Vice President of Student Affairs is responsible for coordinating federal regulations concerning discrimination or harassment.
1. Should the matter not be resolved informally, the complaint shall be presented in writing to the office of the CEO/Provost. The complaint should include the specific nature of the discrimination or harassment and corresponding dates and also include the name, address and phone number of the complainant.
2. The office shall thoroughly investigate the complaint, notify the person(s) who has been accused of discrimination and/or harassment, and permit that person to respond to the allegation. If deemed necessary, a meeting will be arranged to discuss the complaint with all concerned parties within 30 working days after receipt of the written complaint. The office of the CEO/Provost shall give a written final answer to the complainant within 45 working days after receipt of the written complaint.

Amerstate University will be fair and impartial in all its relations with students. Amerstate University admits students of any race, color, national, or ethnic origin to all rights, privileges, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. It does not discriminate on the basis of color, nationality, or ethnic origin in the administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs, or athletic and other school administered programs.

Harassment against any employee or student on the basis of race, color, gender, national origin, age, disability or other protected status is an unlawful employment and education practice and is prohibited.
Any student or employee found to violate this policy shall be subjected to discipline proceedings, which may result in suspension or discharge. Amerstate University is an equal opportunity/access educator/employer.

Harassment on the basis of gender is a violation of Section 703 of Title VII. Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature constitutes sexual harassment when (1) submission to such conduct is made either explicitly or implicitly as a term or condition of an individual's employment, (2) submission to or rejection of such conduct by an individual is used as the basis for employment decisions affecting such individual, (3) such conduct has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual's work performance or creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive learning environment, or (4) such conduct otherwise adversely affects an individual's employment opportunity. Amerstate University will attempt to provide an environment free of sexual harassment for all employees and students in accordance with the laws of the United States and the State of Wisconsin. Sexual harassment of employees and students of Amerstate University is unacceptable and impermissible conduct which will not be tolerated. The University deplores such conduct as an abuse of authority. Complaints of this nature should be made directly to the CEO/Provosts office and/or local authorities.

Amerstate thrives on keeping a harmonius environment
History ~ Integrity ~ Excellence ~ Diversity ~ Harmony ~ Respect

To forward a complaint against any aspect of the program the student should speak to the Admissions Administrator and complete a Complaint Form, available from our offices. The Admissions Administrator will forward the complaint to the appropriate member of the administration, either the Director of Education or the Director of Admission, who will take any necessary measures to satisfy the complaint. All complaints are reviewed by an administrator within 30 days.

1 Clock Hour=50 Minutes All programs offered by Amerstate University are full-time programs, conducted 18 hours per week.

Withdrawal, Dismissal, and Canceled Classes
Amerstate University allows student withdrawal from program/courses. All students withdrawing from courses must complete a withdrawal/cancellation form, available at the office. The form must be brought to the office in person, sent via email or post. Upon processing the withdrawal, the tuition charge will be reduced according to the Tuition Refund Policy. Amerstate University reserves the right to dismiss any student whose conduct or attendance does not meet the standards at Amerstate University. A student may be dismissed if he/she has been absent from more than 30% of the required classes in a course, or has been involved in conduct disruptive to the educational process or to the school property, or has not made tuition payments as agreed. A refund is based on the student's date of withdrawal/cancellation notice, excludes the application and other applicable fee and is calculated according to the refund policy. A student who has been dismissed can apply for reenrollment. A Student has the right to cancel or terminate the Registration/Enrollment Agreement at any time. Amerstate University reserves the right to cancel or postpone any course because of low or insufficient enrollment. When this occurs, the School will attempt to notify students before the first class meeting and a complete refund will be mailed or given personally, if any payments were made.

Leave of Absence
A leave of absence is an authorized extended leave from school for one or more session of a program or term of enrollment. A leave of absence is allowed for up to five months. All students must contact the office at least one week prior to the expiration of the LOA to register for the next session.

Tuition, Fees, and Refund Policies
Amerstate University accepts payment by cash, credit card, check or money order payable to Amerstate University. Specific tuition and fees charged for all classes are listed on page 16. The application and/or registration fee is not included in the tuition cost. All tuition and fees are due at the time of registration. A list of fees can be found at the end of this Student Handbook. The total amount of tuition is due and payable on the first day of attendance unless payment arrangements have been made, according to the payment plan. There will be a $36 fee assessed for any check returned due to insufficient funds or a stop payment. Upon processing the withdrawal, the tuition fee will be refunded according to the refund schedule below. When a student cancels within 3 days after the date of enrollment but prior to the first day of class, all tuition fees will be refunded to the student; When a student cancels after the Three day following enrollment but prior to the close of a business day on the student's first day of class attendance, the school will retain the application/registration fee;

If you cancel your classes or withdraw from the school, you may be eligible for a tuition and fee refund. The student application fee is not refundable. Any student applying for a program that is discontinued by the school shall receive a complete refund of all fees and/or tuition paid. It is the policy of Amerstate University to issue refunds of tuition and fees in a prompt manner. Students should notify Amerstate University in writing of their intention to withdraw from a program. If no notification of withdrawal is received, and a student has had an unexplained absence of more than fifteen (15) consecutive class days, Amerstate University shall consider the student to have withdrawn from the program. Deposits or down payments shall be applied towards the cost of tuition.

School shall refund all monies paid to it in any of the following circumstances:
A.the school did not provide the prospective student with a copy of the student's valid enrollment agreement and a current catalog or bulletin; B.the school cancels or discontinues the course of instruction in which the student has enrolled C. t he school fails to conduct classes on days or times scheduled, detrimentally affecting the student. A school must refund any book and materials fees when: (a) the book and materials are returned to the school unmarked; and (b) the student has provided the school with a notice of cancellation. Refunds shall be made within 30 days of the date of determination. *For students who are authorized to drop below a full course of study for medical reasons and are unable to continue enrollment, tuition will be calculated according to the refund schedule below. Discounts on tuition are void when canceling registration early, including extended enrollment discounts.

When calculating the number of weeks completed, a partial week will be counted as a whole week, if the student cancels after at least one day during the scheduled week. A student who withdraws or is dismissed after attending at least one class, but before completing 60% of the instruction in the current enrollment period, is entitled to a pro rata refund as follows:

At Least But Less Than Refund of Tuition
1 unit/class 10% 90%
10% 20% 80%
20% 30% 70%
30% 40% 60%
40% 50% 50%
50% 60% 40%
40% 50% 50%
60%   No refund

As part of this policy, the school may retain a one-time application fee of no more than $150. A student will receive the refund within 30 days of termination date. If a student withdraws after completing 60% of the instruction, the school may refund a pro rata amount. A student who fails to attend for five (5) consecutive days without notice will be officially withdrawn from Amerstate University. A written notice of withdrawal is not required. Detailed information about the cancellation of registration and withdrawal from the school is available in the Student Handbook. If you decide to withdraw, you must follow the established withdrawal procedures for the school.

Entrance Requirements
To be admitted, applicants are required to take a placement test to demonstrate their English proficiency.
The program includes the following courses:

COURSE DESCRIPTIONS with Learning Outcomes

English as a Second Language(ESL)
Non Degree/Certificate of Completion
ESL is designed to prepare students whose first language is other than English to speak and understand the English language. The Intensive English Program is intended for students with little or no understanding of the English language. The Advanced English Program is intended for students who are proficient in English communication and wish to improve their English skills in speaking, read, and writing, to a college entrance level with more in-depth, academically oriented training.

  • Diplomas will be awarded to those students who satisfactorily complete all course work at either the Intensive or Advanced level.
  • Certification will be issued for successful completion of each course for various levels of proficiency.
  • References to prospective employers will be based only on the proficiency of the student's language acquisition.
  • Grading is based on pass-fail and will based on gaining the required level of proficiency for each course. Students will be assessed for their language ability upon entering the program to determine the correct level at which to start. Students will be assessed at the end of each semester to measure their progress. As they demonstrate proficiency they will move to the next level.

Permission will be required before we will give out references to prospective employers

Course Descriptions
The goal of the ESL department is to provide our students with the English language skills And the knowledge of American customs and culture that they need to succeed and prosper in their professional and personal lives in the USA.

ESL 106 is a highly communicative ESL immersion course that is suitable for the adult low beginner with limited exposure to the English speaking world. This course features a solid four-skill approach with extensive grammar supplements. Receptive and productive language skills are given equal attention. The goal of this course is to prepare students to read, write, listen, speak, understand and improvise in English in real life contexts. Vocabulary mastery includes but is not limited to: cardinal and ordinal numbers, colors, telling time, giving locations and directions, describing aches and pains, identifying social and business relationships and so on. The course is worth a total of 24 credits. The course is taught using a communicative method that integrates the 4 skill areas of reading, writing, listening and speaking. Each skill area is worth 6 credits and is taught as part of the whole course, not in separate sessions.

ESL 206 is a highly communicative ESL immersion course that is appropriate for adult high beginners with restricted exposure to the English speaking world. This course is grounded in the four-skill approach and builds upon and expands basic language skills. Grammar is activated through dynamic interaction that models authentic vocational and social contexts. Receptive and productive language skills are given equal attention. Students will master social language that will allow them to accept or decline an invitation, tell a story about the past, exchange something in a store, make hotel a reservation, ask for and give advice, make small talk, warn someone, change currency and so forth.

ESL 306 is a highly communicative ESL immersion course that is suitable for adult learners with moderate exposure to the English speaking world. This intermediate level course challenges the students' mastery of basic language skills while integrating intermediate level grammar and vocabulary. Emphasis is on formal and informal speaking and writing skills. Listening and reading components are grounded in authentic vocational and recreational themes. Attention is given to the meaning and implications of non-verbal communication and intonation patterns. Students will master grammar such as: the present perfect and present perfect progressive, noun and adjective clauses, the passive voice, tag questions, the present unreal conditional etc.

ESL 406 is a highly communicative immersion course that is suitable for adult ESL learners with consistent exposure to the English speaking world. This high intermediate level course continues the solid four-skill approach with increasingly complex grammar points and sophisticated themes. Students are challenged to read, write, listen, speak, understand and improvise in English about topics such as the contemporary job market, family dynamics, scientific research, art and music. Attention is given to the difference between professional and social communication and the appropriateness of speaking styles in various contexts. Grammar will include a re-enforcement of intermediate grammar points and the introduction of advanced grammar points such as adverbial clauses, reported speech, the passive causative and passive with modals and the past unreal conditional.

ESL 506 is an advanced ESL course that is appropriate for advanced adult learners who can function in the English speaking world. This course is designed to stimulate critical thinking while building language competencies for students with academic as well as personal language goals. It consolidates intermediate language points and expands upon advanced points via a four field communicative approach that utilizes contemporary themes and intellectually challenging scenarios. Learners will study vocabulary that includes but is not limited to idioms, prefixes and suffixes, phrasal verbs and learn strategies to master word forms, pronunciation, stress, rhythm and intonation.

ESL 606 is an advanced course that is meets the needs of adult ESL students who have demonstrated an ability to communicate in everyday situations at a level that enables them to seek gainful professional employment or further their post-secondary education and training. In this level students continue to develop oral fluency and review grammar forms that are presented in contexts that extend students' understanding of the linguistic subtleties of English. Receptive skills are honed by using authentic and context specific ESL reading and listening materials. Productive skills are sharpened through classroom discussions and writing cohesive compositions and opinion pieces. A strong emphasis is put on critical thinking and independent thinking, current events, trends in American culture and the national and international job markets.

Payment Plans options: Pay in full before class start date.
Other payment plans can be made by special arrangement with management.
+ A fee of $25.00 is applicable for late payments.

ACADEMIC CALENDER 2014 ~ 2015 HOLIDAYS Classes will not be held on the following days:
Labor Day September 4, 2014
Thanksgiving Day November, 2014
Winter Break December 22, 2014 ~ January 11, 2015
Good Friday March, 2015
Memorial Day May, 2015
Schedule is subject to change with reasonable notice.


Tuition and Fees;

English as a Second Language________________________________________
Tuition for the AU's English as a Second Language for the complete program at the Intensive level is $3,400.00. At the Advanced level it is $4,250.00. An initial down payment is required and any remaining tuition balance that is left must be divided up into monthly payments to make it more feasible for students. There is a $36 NSF fee for all returned checks.
DORM Single Room (1 Person)   $395.00 Monthly
Double Room (2 Person)   $698.00 Monthly
HOUSING Meal and Room Clean   $1,250.00 Monthly

(3) Meals per day, (7) days per week, Weekly room cleaning.
*** Book, supplies and other needs are at the instructors' discretion. ***
*** Price subject changed ***
Application Fee: $150 (NON REFUNDABLE)
Transcript: $15
Returned/Stopped Check: $36
Activity fee: Up to $150
*Tuition fees are subject to change without notice.
Required textbooks can be purchased in the Central Administrative Office.
** Tuition reflects discount for extended enrollment ***

Students who plan to receive a Certificate must submit a Graduation Request form to the university by the filing deadline. The filing deadline date is one month prior to the last day of classes each semester. Upon filing this request, students' records will be reviewed to verify that they meet all requirements. Transcripts will be reviewed by the CEO/Provost, and students' financial records will be reviewed by the Central Administrative Office. Students will be informed in writing if there are any unfulfilled requirements within one week of filing for graduation. Students will have to satisfy all unfulfilled requirements prior to graduation; graduation may be delayed if students are unable to do so.

Settings, Facilities and the local area

Setting and Facilities
Located in the heart of Racine, Wisconsin's revitalized downtown, Amerstate University occupies a four story building which previously housed the YMCA. While maintaining its distinctive period features, the interior of this historic building is being thoroughly updated to provide a contemporary environment for class room instruction and demonstrations, as well recreational facilities that include a martial arts gymnasium. (See Appendix One for additional information).

Jason H. Cho
Young Eun Hong
Jin H. Lee


Jason H Cho................................................................................. Founder/President
Dr. Gerald Greenfield, Ph.D............................................................. CEO and Provost
Dr. Randy Bennett........................................................................ Senior Vice President
Dr. Kathleen M.Favaloro...................................................................... Executive Director
Kenneth K. Park............................................................................... Dean of School
Arthur Eldar................................................................................... Director of Education
Jenni Park..................................................................................... Assistant Director
Young N. Cho.................................................................................. Deputy Administrator
Rafael Vargas.................................................................................. Administrator
Sherri Myers Wray.............................................................................. Assistant Administrator
Damon Rohan.................................................................................. Campus Director
Michelle Le Fleur.................................................................................. Marketing Manager
Yoonwook Cho.................................................................................. Student Counselor
Sang lee.................................................................................. Facilities Manager

Dr. Randy Bennett

Dr. Van F.M. Hecke

Dong K. Park

Rafael Vargas

Arthur Eldar

Damon Rohan

Tina Shanahan

Nicole Scieszinski

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